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 Butte's Oktoberfest | 15+ Montana Breweries

10th Annual Butte-toberfest

Where Do The Funds Go?

All funds received go to Silver Bow Developmental Disabilities Council (SBDDC). We utilize the funds in a way that benefits many organizations throughout the community, primarily those serving people with disabilities.


For more information: 

Silver Bow Developmental Disabilities Council

305 W. Mercury

Butte, Montana 59701

(406) 723-2070


Dish-Ability Food Truck

Debuted 2017


The funds from the 7th and 8th annual Butte-toberfest have allowed us to purchase a food truck. This will be an employment opportunity for people with disabilities. Our goal is to create a diverse menu and allow individuals with disabilities the opportunity to serve our community. The funds from the future events will go toward sustaining the truck.

Adaptive Recreation Opportunities

Established 2014-2015


The funds from the 6th Annual Butte-toberfest went toward the purchase of adaptive recreation equipment for use by people with disabilities living in SW Montana. We currently have: 3 sit skis, 1 adaptive cross country sled, one hand-cycle with power assist, and one recumbent bicycle. All of the equipment can be borrowed from SBDDC. We were also able to by a trailer to transport and store the equipment.

Nutrition Education Station

Open July 2014


The funds from the 4th and 5th Annual Butte-toberfests went toward building our dream kitchen within Gym Dandy. We were able to take a handball court and convert it into a 5 station teaching kitchen. There is nothing else like it in the area. Individuals with disabilities can now gain important nutrition skills, as well as fitness skills in one area. In addition, they also have new social opportunities that can lead to more self confidence, better problem solving skills, independent living skills, and employment.

Gym Dandy

Opened March 2012


After many years of working with individuals with disabilities, it became apparent there was a need for an area for people with disabilities to learn about fitness. When the local Curves for Women closed its doors, they donated their equipment to Silver Bow Developmental Disabilities Council. With this acquisition, we were able to utilize Butte-toberfest funds to get the rest of the area ready for use. Gym Dandy has a fitness room, an equipment room, and now the Nutrition Education Station.

VIP Transit

April 2011


Silver Bow Developmental Disabilties has been working with individuals for over 20 years. As we diversify the services we provide, the need for an accessible vehicle to serve people after hours became important. Butte-toberfest funds raised went toward the purchase the 12 passenger, wheelchair accessible bus.

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